1. How long are the DNA strands in all the cells of a human body when strung together?

2. Why is inulinused as a sugar substitute in most dietary supplements?

3. Injury of the rotator cuff of the shoulder is now a "hit" disease, which is receiving more and more attention and is increasingly identified as a causative factor in shoulder complaints. One of the claims is true for damage to the rotator cuff!

4. Research on proanthocyanidins (extracts of red berries) has been a prominent topic in recent years. Let's see why this extract is so important and popular! One of the following statements is NOT true. I wonder which one it is?

5. The oxygen tolerance of the cells that make up our tissues and organs is not uniform. In our body, there are cells that die quickly when oxygen is depleted and cells that tolerate oxygen depletion relatively well. Of course, because our body is aerobic, oxygen deprivation will sooner or later cause death in all our cells, but there is a sequence to the vulnerability of major organs and tissues. Please specify the correct order (from most vulnerable to most resistant).?

6. A disease called osteoporosis affects a large percentage of developed societies. Dietary collagen peptides have been shown to have a beneficial effect on ostoporosis. This is due to the following reasons. One statement is NOT true about the effect of collagen peptides on osteoporosis!

7. The ketogenic diet is a very popular weight loss method that is followed by many people today. This diet has both beneficial and less beneficial aspects. One of the following statements is false.

8. Achilles tendon pain is a common, recurring complaint in ordinary people, not just athletes. There are several options for treating this complaint in the initial phase, but one of the following does not stand up.

9. Tennis elbow? It is not only seen in athletes, but can also be triggered by everyday activities! Symptoms can develop suddenly or slowly and gradually. There are many different treatments, and it is best to start using them together. Opinions are also divided among orthopaedic surgeons about treatments, but fortunately there are some common views. Which of the following remedies is the most popular among professionals?

10. Golf elbow is not as common a complaint as tennis elbow, but it still overshadows many people's daily lives and is a musculoskeletal complaint that tends to stay with them for a long time. Effective treatment requires a number of different approaches to be taken at the same time. Which of the following treatments is the most controversial among professionals?

11. Wrist ganglion is also a common complaint in the common man. If nothing else, many of us have experienced this annoying phenomenon from time to time. Which of the following treatments is the least effective?

12. Snapping finger phenomenon is also a common problem. Its formation is due to a misalignment between the tendon sheath (labrum) and the flexor tendon running in it, so that the thickened tendon gets stuck in the ring of the tendon sheath. The problem can be exacerbated by a narrowing of the tendon, which makes it even more prone to jamming. Which of the following treatments is the least effective?

13. Why do we prefer protein-based diets in weight maintenance diets? One of the following four statements is not true.

14. Hip pain in adults. In principle, it can affect all ages, but we will now focus on adult forms. Of all the possible treatments, one is the least likely to have the least effect.

15. Bursitis trochanterica, also known as bursitis trochanterica, can cause severe pain for a long or short period of time, which can severely limit mobility. It can affect essentially any age group. One of the following statements is not true.

16. Hip osteoarthritis, also known as coxarthrosis, is a widespread disease in Hungary, Western Europe and the United States, with a very high incidence of patients and a huge financial burden for the state and the individual. One of the following statements is not true.

17. ITB syndrome, also known as iliotibial band pain, occurs mainly in athletes and is basically caused by overuse. The primary complaint is usually in the knee area, but as it is a long, taut ligament that forms a complex unit from the pelvis to the shin on the outside of the lower limb, pain from overuse can in principle occur anywhere along the entire length of the ligament. One of the following statements is under discussion.

18. Overuse and tears of tendons around the knee joint affect many athletes and the average person over 40. One of the following statements is not true.

19. Knee joint meniscus injuries are a very common musculoskeletal complaint. One of the following statements is not true.

20. Ligamentous injuries of the knee joint are also a common type of injury. One of the following statements is not true.

21. Partial tears of the legs are not a very common type of injury, but they do occur in athletes. One of the following statements is not true.

22. Sagging of the girdle is a very common foot deformity that mainly affects people over the age of 30, and women are the most affected. One of the following statements is not true.

23. Sagging of the longitudinal arch is an extremely common foot deformity affecting both young and older people. One of the following statements is not true.

24. Fasciitis plantaris (plantar fasciitis) is a common foot complaint in the adult population in Hungary. One of the following predisposing factors is not the case.

25. A common and relatively low-risk spinal injury is a so-called pinching, which usually occurs as a result of a sudden movement. One of the following statements does not hold true.

26. Another very common spinal disorder, but one with potentially serious complications, is disc herniation. One of the following statements does not hold true.

27. Vertebral body fractures are a common type of fracture in old age in developed countries. One of the following statements does not hold true.