Frequently asked questions2023-05-24T01:04:09+02:00

Frequently asked questions

1. How should I take the product?2023-05-09T16:05:45+02:00

It is recommended to dissolve one scoop of powder in 300ml of cold water or other liquid once a day after meals and homogenise it in a shaker or blender. You can also use juice for variety, or even make a smoothie with fruit.

2. How long should I take Collagenius?2023-05-09T16:06:05+02:00

We suggest that a minimum period of 4 months should be targeted and repeated at least annually. For the treatment of osteoporosis, it is recommended to take the product for 12 months without interruption.

3. Can diabetics consume it?2023-05-09T16:06:20+02:00

Yes, you can, as it contains no added sugar!

4. Can Collagenius be taken with a blood thinner?2023-05-10T15:58:19+02:00

There are no active ingredients that have been observed to be incompatible with blood thinners. Nevertheless, with vitamin K antagonists (e.g. Syncumar, Marfarin, Warfarin), it is worth checking your INR every week for the first month!

5. Can Collagenius be taken with other supplements?2023-05-10T15:58:25+02:00

Of course, yes, although the extra antioxidant intake is unnecessary, as the antioxidant effect in one dose is equivalent to 4-5 grams of vitamin C per day. It is not recommended for use with other magnesium-containing products!

6. Is it only recommended for joint problems?2023-05-10T15:58:42+02:00

No, the product has a complex regenerating effect. In addition to improving cartilage metabolism, it can also have a beneficial effect on increasing the strength of bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments and speeding up the healing of injuries.

7. Does the product have an effect on the vascular system?2023-05-10T15:58:56+02:00

Yes, there is. Because of its proanthocyanidins, it also has vasodilating and anti-atherosclerotic effects, which can provide a much better blood supply, and thus better oxygenation and nutrient supply to both muscles and connective tissue elements.

8. From what age can it be consumed?2023-05-10T15:59:31+02:00

In practice, it can be consumed by junior athletes to improve sports performance, reduce overuse injuries with the approval of a sports doctor, and to counteract the gradual decline in collagen production over the age of 30.

9. I have experienced abdominal complaints after taking the product. What do they suggest?2023-05-10T15:59:49+02:00

The inulin in Collagenius is a prebiotic that indirectly supports the immune system. However, it can cause bloating in people sensitive to fructan. In such cases, we recommend taking half a dose twice a day for 5 days. Once your body has become accustomed to fructan, you can safely switch to a once-daily dose. It may also cause abdominal symptoms and complaints if taken at the same time as other magnesium-containing products. In this case, it is recommended that you do not take the two products at the same time, but a few hours apart. The sugar substitute used in the flavoured version (sucralose or stevia) may also very rarely cause stomach upset. In this case, we recommend the flavoured and sugar-free version!

10. Is the product recommended for competitive athletes?2023-05-10T16:00:02+02:00

Yes, we highly recommend it to compensate for the altered vitamin and nutrient deficiencies caused by increased workload, and to promote more efficient regeneration.

Tested by Wessling lab, none of the components are on the WADA list.

11. Can runners use it?2023-05-10T16:00:18+02:00

Yes, we strongly recommend it for runners. Improving the tensile strength of connective tissue elements can lead to less damage and better performance.

12. Can Collagenius play a role in improving performance in combat sports?2023-05-10T16:00:34+02:00

Yes, in more ways than one! On the one hand, the vasodilator effect can increase tissue oxygenation and improve nutrient supply to the muscles, and on the other hand, the building effect on connective tissue elements can reduce the likelihood of vulnerability! Furthermore, the high levels of antioxidants found in Collagenius can also improve physical performance!

13. Is it recommended for older people with persistent joint pain?2023-05-10T16:00:49+02:00

The good news is that it can not only have a positive effect on cartilage, but can also strengthen the structure of tendons, muscles and ligaments, and thanks to the special quality and low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid, you can feel its natural anti-inflammatory effect after just a few days.

14. Is 1 teaspoonful per day the daily dose for athletes?2023-05-10T16:01:19+02:00

For competitive athletes, due to the increased need for collagen and antioxidants, 2 scoops per day is the maximum recommended amount (homogenise 1-1 scoop of powder in 300-300ml of cold water after breakfast and after dinner).

15. Is it possible to overdose and what are the consequences?2023-05-10T16:01:33+02:00

It is not recommended to deviate from the recommended doses! The doses have been adjusted to ensure that the correct dose is taken into the body, which is why the recommended doses are indicated. If you consume 2-3 times the dose of the product – which is still a safe dose without potential toxic symptoms – you may experience symptoms of abdominal bloating or possibly diarrhoea.