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Why choose us?

Collagenius is a very high purity, high quality collagen product developed by Hungarian doctors. Our product contains several active ingredients that can improve physical and mental endurance and cartilage regeneration. The product contains high levels of antioxidants, which can support physical performance, improve tissue oxygenation and also have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Collagenius also contains macro- and microelements that together can help our body’s regenerative processes.

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Outstanding quality

It has a very pure active ingredient composition, which makes it safe to take over a longer period of time without interruptions.

Product tested

It is a tested product with an analytical report, so it is not just a promise that the product is free of impurities and harmful substances.


It is also safe for competitive athletes.

Broad impact

It has a broad-spectrum action, supporting the regeneration of the musculoskeletal system from several sides (thanks to the multiple active ingredients that reinforce each other).

For all ages

It is also an excellent choice for older people, as in addition to improving degenerative musculoskeletal complaints (wear and tear and pain from overuse of tendons), collagen peptides such as Collagenius, used in therapeutic doses, also play an important role in combating osteoporosis (based on clinical studies).

For the immune system

Its antioxidant content can slow down cell ageing and its prebiotic content can help the immune system to function properly, so it can have a positive effect on the body as a whole.


They say about us

“I don’t know of any other supplement on the market with such quality ingredients as Collagenius. I am confident that it will be effective when I start taking it after 50, so I recommend it to all my active peers!”

Béla Patyi

“I work as a technician. Over the last six months, I have had to deal with more and more severe back and spine pains, which I have developed during a more physically demanding day at work.
It is important to me to follow a healthy lifestyle, so I have made it my goal to learn about different types of therapies, and I have even qualified as a medical masseuse!
In order to cure the occasional back and spine pains I have been experiencing, I started a collagen cure for several months, I included the consumption of Collagenius collagen drink powder in my daily
dietary sample.
The success did not stop there, after just one box of Collagenius drink powder I felt a serious improvement and I currently have no back and spine pain, even if my body is sometimes subjected to more physical stress.

The next time I have back and spine pain again, I will immediately repeat the Collagenius treatment, because for me the Collagenius drink powder has proven to be effective.”


“Today I went hiking in a place, in a difficult terrain, where I have not dared to go since my accident years ago, because I could not put weight on my sore feet, I was unsteady on foot, I stumbled.

I am still in a euphoric mood about how Collagenius collagen drink powder has helped my situation.

Even now I can hardly believe that after a 2 month Collagenius treatment my years of musculoskeletal complaints have disappeared!!!

It’s a shame that people who need collagen for their musculoskeletal problems are unaware of the importance of a collagen cure, a high quality collagen drink powder.

I have tried many products in the past, but Collagenius proved to be effective, and during my treatment I was convinced that I could consume collagen drink powder with extra ingredients – antioxidants, micro and macro elements – even as a diabetic with musculoskeletal problems.

I would like to thank you especially for the meaningful, professional answers to my questions during the Collagenius treatment.”

Mrs József Vörös

“Several ingredients synergistically reinforcing each other, from a reliable source!”

Veronika Nagy

“I’ve been suffering from arthritis for 2 years, when I read the formulation of this product I immediately wanted to try it. I have been using it for 3 weeks and I can already feel the benefits! I recommend it to everyone, because this product is sensational!”

Pelyhe Gizus

“The composition and quality of the product is, in my opinion, unique in the market!”

Daniela Ujfalusi

“Excellent product I recommend it to others!”

Dr. Beáta Bálint

“Quality product. I can only recommend it.”

Norbert Németh

“This product is the breakfast of champions!”

Dénes Almási

“I’m not familiar with the product yet, but because of the excellent team behind it, I’ll definitely give it a try!”

Dr. Márta Hegedűs

“Congratulations! The “design” is beautiful.”

Dr. Frigyes Zsolt Hips

“I’ve heard a lot of encouraging things about it. I’ll give it a try.”

András Manajló

“Finally a high quality product from a reliable source! I’ll definitely enter it.”

Gyula Fürlinger

“Excellent product! Quick result! Quality ingredients! After 1.5 months, you can already feel the effects of Collagenius.”

Gergely Kovács

“The product is great, I recommend it to everyone!”

Katalin Palotás

“Products developed by my specialist friends, collagen hydrolysate is the main ingredient. A doping free form of Rhodiola rosea is also launched with a doping free certificate. They promise efficient absorption and bioavailability. The primary goal is to protect joints under stress, prevent injury and eliminate pain. As soon as I have access to it, I will try it myself and will recommend it to my athletes once I have the certificate.”

Dr. Andrea Matusovits

“I ordered it, it was here quickly.
I’ve tried it with milk, rice milk, water: I liked it best with water, which surprises me, because these powders are usually only tolerable with milk, but this is delicious!
I’ve been taking it for 5 days and my shoulder no longer hurts. Since I could barely lift it a month ago, I have no other idea but to thank this.”

Emilia Lőcsei

“In January, I got a serious knee injury in the first training session, which fortunately healed quickly, I was very lucky that I only stretched the ligaments. Weeks went by, but it just wouldn’t completely heal, I could always feel my knee a little bit with certain movements.
Then I got the opportunity from @collageniushun to try their product, which I thank them very much!
Already after the third day I felt something had changed. I was able to perform better in training, the recovery process was accelerated and the aforementioned injury was completely healed.
Since then I start every morning with a smoothie.
If you want to consume high quality, pure collagen, I recommend this, feel free to contact me! ”

Máté Sebők aka the Hobbit

Knowledge base

In the doctor’s answer section you can find answers to the most common questions you may have about collagen supplements. The information here has been compiled by experienced doctors and experts to help you better understand and benefit from collagen.

And in the quiz section you can test your knowledge about collagen. The quiz questions will help you deepen your knowledge of collagen, its effects and how to choose the right supplements. Remember, getting the right answers will increase your knowledge and help you make the best decision about collagen supplements.

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