On the one side the company –   Collagenius Ltd. (residence: 3348 Szilvásvárad, Park utca 9/11., tax number.: 29309281-2-10, trade register number: 10-09-038850, representative: Dr. Ferenc Hampel, company manager, telephone number: +36-30-595-2055) – running the website www.collagenius.hu as Seller, and on the other hand you, as Buyer. 


Establishing a contract:

when the Buyer has submitted his/her order on the website of Living Force Ltd by clicking on the „Purchase” button. 


Information with the intention to promote

use of the product and service, and to provide information to the Buyer on the proper use of the product and service, as well as yield information on the maintenance of the product regarding the basic information on the characteristics, the quality, the price and directions for use, or potential hazards with respect to the product and service, and

– basic information on any necessary legal actions. 



You may freely browse on the website of Collagenius Ltd, you can get acquainted with our product(s) and prices without disclosing your identity, by clicking on the „Products” button without the need for registration. The list of products includes all related prices. All prices are gross values including VAT and they are displayed in HUF.



You do not need to register to complete a purchase. To register you need to have a valid email address and you have to generate a password to go along. The password can be changed later if you wish. If any of your questions are unanswered do not hesitate to send us a message. 


The selected item can be purchased by clicking on the „Purchase” button located on several pages or by clicking on the webshop button. 

There is no limit to the number of products you intend to purchase, but you have to enter the number of a respective product on the order form. You also have to select the means of payment, but your order is not processed, till you click on the „Order” button. 

Before submitting your order you can alter your personal data (such as name, telephone number, email address, address of delivery, etc.). 

We give feedback on the status of order and delivery in the form of an email message (to the email address you have submitted). In case we run into an issue related to the delivery of the products ordered (e.g. the product is temporarily not available), you will be contacted by one of the workers of Webshippy through the telephone number you provided. 



All prices are indicated in HUF (Hungarian Forints). You may either pay the courier in cash or credit card on site, or you can transfer the amount through your bank beforehands. 

General Terms of Contract

The price of the delivered product can be payed – if you have not selected the bank transfer option – to the courier in cash or by credit card. The parcel will be delivered through Boxy.
The cost of delivery within Hungary is displayed at the time of placing your order with the rate depending on what option you have selected for delivery.

If you make your order from a foreign country, you can only make a purchase by initiating a bank transfer before we prompt delivery, the respective cost should be inquired by sending us a message (to info@collagenius.hu). If you make your bank transfer from a foreign bank account, please do acquire information regarding the rate of commission.

Delivery times

In a typical case we deliver the product to the given address within 1-2 workdays within Hungary. If for some reason we cannot meet the deadline, you will receive a message through email or telephone.



Warranty: the perfect condition of the product sold is the seller’s responsitibility. 

Time of warranty: is displayed on the package (Shelf life: …), which cannot be shorter than 2 months with respect to the date it is sold.


What does this mean?

Under the term warranty we are liable to delivering a product that is immaculate at the time of purchase, i.e. it has no hidden defects that might become evident later and its properties are maintained throughout the time of its shelf life. 

In case you have a complaint you are welcome to get in touch with us through the indicated telephone number, but you can also submit your complaint in a written form directly sent to the email address displayed on our website. 

Your rights are protected by our Local or National Consumer Protection Authority (www.fvf.hu or www.ofe.hu, respectively).  


Law enforcement

In case the quality of the product does not meet your expectations, you may take action on the basis of the guidelines for warranty. 


Contacting the vendor, recording the complaint

In case the shelf life of the product has not expired after purchase, but the product does not meet your expectations, you may contact us through any of the addresses provided on our website. 

To support your claim you have to be able to present the receipt or the invoice of the purchased good, as well as the product itself. 

You should dispatch the parcel by the post along with the copy of the receipt that goes with the purchase. If we can identify your purchase through the phone, it is sufficient to send us the product without includig a copy of the receipt. 

Important note: In case upon delivery you receive a parcel with any sign of injury on the package or if it is opened, do not accept it, please return it to the sender (shipping company) and send us a message describing the issue.


We record the complaint of the consumer, which has to include the following details: 

  1. Name and address of the consumer.
  2. The name and price of the good. 
  3. The date of purchase. 
  4. The date when the issue was reported.
  5. Description of the issue.
  6. A way of compensation proposed by the consumer. 
  7. A method for the settlement of the complaint (it has to be justified if it does not meet the needs of the consumer). 



You receive a copy of the report, which allows you to check whether your complaint has been reported, and also it is easier to keep track of the complaint you have submitted this way. 

If you have the impression that our company shows reluctance to recording a report of your complaint you may still seek help from the authority of consumer protection. 

We are obliged to inform you of our standpoint within three workdays based on the currently applicable law. 


Who shall give proof?

Regarding warranty in case of detecting a defect within the 3 month period following the purchase – provided the shelf life of the product is not less than that – it has to be considered as if the defect was present at the time of purchase, unless it is incompatible with the nature of the defect itself. Therefore, in case of this event being within three months of the shelf life of the product, the seller has to give evidence that the product had no defects at the time of purchase. In practice it means that if we reject the complaint of the buyer, we have to prove our right in a litigation.

If 3 months have passed from the time of purchase, the consumer has to prove that the defect was present at the time of purchase. Evidence can be obtained through presenting the professional report issued by the Highest Board of Consumer Protection or any other accredited institute. In such a case the consumer will bear all related costs of the professional report, which can only be charged on the seller on the basis of court ruling.  

Please note that we have no obligation to abide by the claim of the consumer on the basis of a professional report, even if it is in favor of the consumer. Nevertheless, if the case is taken to court this professional report can be used on the event of a trial. 


Complying with the claim of the consumer

In case our company accepts the claim, the regulations pertaining to warranty may require the following actions from our company based on the conditions defined in the Law book of Civil Code:

  1. in the first place the consumer may ask for a new product. 
  2. or the consumer may ask for a discount or may even withdraw from the obligation of purchase, incurring the reimbursement of the full price of the product on the seller. 


Other means of assertion

If we happen to turn down the quality issue claim of the consumer, or if we accept it without offering to take an action, you may report the case to the authority of consumer protection, or you can contact the professional body pertaining to our product, or a social organization dealing with consumer rights, or the Conciliation Board. With the exception of the Conciliation Board these institutions do not have the right to adjudicate.  


Data handling informative for the users, visitors of the website collagenius.hu 


The service provider/data handler deals with the data related to the registered partners to provide adequate service. 

The service provider has the intention to competely abide by the regulations pertaining to lawful data handling, with special respect to clause 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Board (EU).

This data handling informative is intended to serve the personal data of natural persons and promote free data flow in accordance with clause 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Board (EU) with respect to the contents of the 2011. CXII law that deals with cultural self-determination of information as well as the freedom of information. 


Provider and data handler:


Name of company: Collagenius Ltd.
Residence: 3348 Szilvásvárad, Park utca 9/11.
Tax number: 29309281-2-10
Registration number (cgj): 10-09-038850
Name of website: www.collagenius.hu
Access to data handling: www.collagenius.hu


Accessibility of data handler:


Name of company: Collagenius Ltd.
Residence: 3348 Szilvásvárad, Park utca 9/11.
Mail address: 3348 Szilvásvárad, Park utca 9/11.
E-mail address: info@collagenius.hu
Telephone number: +36-30-595-2055