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You have surely experienced pain in your hips, knees, heels, spine after hiking, or that it takes a lot to walk up to the second floor. But also as a sportsman it is quite usual to sustain joint pain following an intensive training session, and you have to skip workouts due to minor injuries, occasionally.

Obviously, you paid a visit to our website because you are searching for an outstanding collagen product. Look no further, you found it!

Our product – Collagenius – is a very high quality collagen product of outstanding purity, whose main ingredient is a type I and in smaller amounts type III collagen peptides, which has secured its solid position on the market under the name Peptan for years among sportsmen and people with locomotory complaints, or among people just pursuing a healthy life style.

The main component of our product is collagen (of bovine source), but in addition it also contains other ingredients, which can have a positive effect on the individual’s physical performance and can contribute to the proper functioning of cartilage, thus promote regeneration. The product has a large dose of antioxidants (proanthocyanidin), which can improve physical performance, tissue oxygenization and may also have a beneficial effect on the immune system, which is further enhanced by the high inulin (prebiotic) content of the product. Collagenius also contains hyaluronic acid that can play a role in the metabolic processes of cartilage and it may also reduce the production of inflammatory factors (such as cytokines). Collagenius also contains macro and micro elements, which may promote the regenerative processes in our body and ensure optimal functioning.

  • Collagen hydrolizate
  • Glucosamine sulphate
  • Chondroitin sulphate
  • Antioxidants
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Microelements
  • Macroelements
  • Prebiotics

In what cases is Collagenius recommended?

  • Individuals living an active sports life or for competitive athletes.
  • Over 40 years of age even without complaints to boost regeneration.
  • In case of smoking.
  • While on steroids.
  • In case of increased UV exposure.
  • In osteoporosis/osteopenia (loss of bone mass).
  • In osteoarthritis.
  • In certain autoimmune diseases, when the body’s collagen stock is also sacrificed.
  • To facilitate the healing process of fractures (after both conservative and surgical treatments).
  • After surgery (affecting soft tissues).
  • To promote the regeneration from tendon and ligament injuries.
  • For aesthetic reasons, to tighten the skin and connective tissue.
  • To treat hair and nail fragmentation.

(amounts per dosing spoon in milligrams)

Collagen type I peptides (Peptan)  10000
Glucosamine sulphate  1200
Chondroitin sulphate 400
Hyaluronic acid 40
Grape seed extract 140
Vitamin C 225
Magnesium 250
Manganese citrate 3
Cupper 3
Inulin 2200


The manufacturing of Collagenius complies with the highest EU standards with respect to quality control, hygiene requirements and food safety regulations. 

HACCP compliant. protecting the health of consumers. 

IFS compliant, acknowledged to meet the requirements of the food safety and quality management system.

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