Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I use the product?

– Our recommendation is that you dissolve 1 humped dosing spoon of Collagenius in 300ml of water using a shaker or a blender. Alternatively, you can also dissolve it in other liquids, such as milk, rice milk, coconut mil, juice, etc. Drink it right after your meal. It is not suitable for substituting meals, keep that in mind!

2. How long is the recommended administration of Collagenius?

– It should be administered on daily basis for at least 4 months, continuously. 

3. Can you use it in diabetes?

– Yes, without any problem. It contains no added sugars.

4. Can you use it while on anticoagulants?

– It has no ingredients that would be recognized as incompatible with anticoagulants. However, in case of taking vitamin K antagonist type anticoagulants (e.g. Marfarin, Warfarin, Syncumar), it is strongly advised to check INR values on weekly basis in the first month.

5. Can Collagenius be administered with other food supplements?s?

– Definitely, though there is usually no need to combine it with other food supplement, for Collagenius contains sufficient amounts of collagen, antioxidants and other useful ingredients all by itself.

6. Is it recommended only for joint complaints?

– No, the product has a complex regenerating effect on the body. Beyond improving the metabolic processes of the cartilage it also has a positive effect on the durability of tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones, and it also supports healing processes after an injury or surgery.

7. Does it have an effect on the vascular system?

– Yes, it does. The proanticianidine complex of the product has a blood vessel dilating effect and it also acts against arteriosclerosis based on clinical studies. Thus it improves the blood supply, the nutrition and the oxygenization of all tissues involved in movement (including connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones).

8. Is there an age limit to the consumption of Collagenius?

– In general, we recommend it over 18 years of age, though competitive sportsmen of the junior age group can use our product to improve performance and reduce the chance of injury after having consulted it with the team’s medical staff.

9. I experienced meteorism after taking Collagenius.

– Collagenius contains inulin, which is a prebiotic that is not digested and may cause bloating or belching (due to fermentation in the intestines) in individuals with initial intolerance to fructan. In such cases we suggest half a dose twice daily and after adapting to the intake of fructan the dose can usually be adjusted to one dosing spoon a day.

10. Is Collagenius recommended for competitive sportsmen?

– Yes, absolutely. They train under physical stress and require a higher collagen intake to promote regeneration and the product’s high antioxidant content is also beneficial to the body under strain. The chondroitin and glucosamine sulphate and hyaluronic acid content of the product will on the other hand support the maintenance of the joints.

11. Is it recommended for runners?

– Indeed, we strongly recommend it for them too. It has several positive effects on the locomotory system of the body that runners will benefit from. It fortifies connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles, thus reduces the possibility of injuries and promotes regeneration.

12. Is Collagenius beneficial in contact and combat sports?

– Obviously, as explained above, it reduces the possibility of injuries and promotes regeneration.

13. Is Collagenius recommended for the elderly to reduce constant joint related pain?

– The good news is that Collagenius does not only have a positive effect on the cartilage of joints, but it also supports the maintenance of tendons, ligaments and muscles, while it has a very positive effect on the structure of bones, effectively fighting against osteoporosis in case of long term (more than half a year) administration.

14. Is the dose the same for competitive sportsmen?

– In case of excessive physical stress and strain the collagen requirement of the body increases, such as in the case of competitive sports or dedicated hobbyists, hence 1 humped dosing spoon is recommended twice daily. Likewise, increased dose is recommended after injuries or surgical interventions.

15. Can you overdose Collagenius?

– Exceeding the recommended dose is similar to overeating. Your body does not need these excessive amounts of otherwise useful ingredients, it cannot utilize more after a certain dose so it has no further benefit. Usually due to the fructan content of Collagenius extreme amounts can certainly cause bloating, abdominal tension and possibly diarrhoea. Two-three times the recommended dose will still be a safe dose without any toxic symptoms, but the doses have been ascertained to meet the requirements of your body, so it is needless to exceed these doses.